- Experts in Self-Publishing is a non-traditional, indie publisher. In plain English, we are an independent or self-publishing company. Self-publishing puts you in control of the details of your book. Unlike a traditional publisher, you retain the rights of your work.  One of the major advantages of self-publishing is that your book can be published and become available for sale on the bookshelves of retailers faster than the traditional publisher which can take years to complete. Potential profits are yours and you do not have the laborious task of getting an agent to accept and publish your manuscript. has made self-publishing even easier by developing packages to suit every budget. This is to make it possible for authors to get their messages out to the world At just a little expense. This makes it possible for readers to have access to a variety of information for their enjoyment. Whereas traditional publishers will only market the most promising titles, MiTruth provides authors with marketing resources and promotional services at different levels.

Print on Demand publishers

MiTruth operates a most efficient system that enables us to print copies of your books according to orders received. As independent publishers, we do not print and store large copies of your books or require you to do so. This cost-effective method giving your book an 'always available' status means that your book will never be 'out of stock'.'s use of digital technology makes it easy to produce your books as they are ordered, be it one book or five thousand. This method enables us to keep publishing costs at the lowest level in the publishing industry as we do not order books in large numbers for storage. Your book will therefore remain in our bookstore for as long as you wish.