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What are e-books?

An eBook is a book that is presented in a format that can be read on electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and other digital technology like iPads, tablets, computers, and other eBook readers.

EBooks are now very popular, helping also to bring out-of-print books back to life. Many books are now printed in paperback, hardcovers and also as eBooks.

MiTruth publishes your manuscripts as eBooks free of charge, making your books available to readers all over the world in a matter of days, but unfortunately, they are a lot cheaper than paperbacks and hardcovers.

An eBook can be only text and may include videos, audios and links to other eBooks and websites.
eBooks are useful for carry-ability, limited to the space available on your device. You don’t have to carry physical books as books can have a good amount of weight too. You can read immediately, and as an author, the publishing time is much less than paperbacks and hardcovers.
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How do I get an ISBN?
An ISBN or International Standard Book Number is a unique number assigned to each edition and variation of a book, except reprints. An eBook, a paperback and hardcover of the same book will each have their specific ISBN numbers.

This number is 13 digits if assigned on or after 1 January 2007, and those assigned after 1 january 2007 are 10 digits long.

MiTruth assigns ISBNs to your books free of charge.

Your book will be assigned the International Standard Book Numbers required by book sales channels to track and order your books. In addition, MiTruth will place a machine-readable Bookland/EAN barcode on your book's cover.
How do I get a cover designed?
MiTruth offers a basic  design free of charge for your book, however, if you already have a design that you want us to use for your book cover, please submit it along with your manuscript and our designers will use them for your cover. 

If your cover design is not ready at the time your manuscript is ready, do not let that delay your manuscript.

Send in your manuscript first, and send us your cover design as soon as it is ready. Just be sure to let us know that you will be sending us your cover design later. Please see our additional services for more information.
How long does it take to publish a book?

MiTruth makes your eBooks ready for download by readers within 4 to 6 weeks. This time may be different for other book retailers, so your book may take some more time to be available on Amazon and other retailers.  

How many copies of my book will be published?

You will get the number of paperbacks and hardcover books according to the publishing package that you choose at the time of publishing, without any extra charge.

After publication, MiTruth will print your books according to your demand and customer demand. If you would like to purchase copies for yourself, friends, family, or to sell yourself, you are entitled to a deep author discount, which ranges from 30% to 60%.

How many copies of my book will I get?
You are under no obligation to purchase any number of your books. However, when you purchase your own books, you earn no royalties as they are sold to you at a discount. 
What age must I be to publish a book?
MiTruth does not restrict publishing to any age; however, if you are a minor, your parent or legal guardian will need to co-sign your Publishing Agreement and authorise payment for your publishing services.
What is a template?
Templates are pre-set designs that you can choose from which we use to design your book and cover. You are welcome to use one of our templates, and you can as well provide a template of your choice if you so wish.
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