How will MiTruth market my books?

MiTruth will work with you to choose the best methods to market your books. With the use of book reviews, press releases, publication announcements and other marketing tactics, we will target marketing towards creating awareness for your book, thereby maximising the sales potential of your book.

Each book deserves its own marketing plan, but the general guidelines given here are to help you design a marketing plan to get you started promoting your book.

 1.   Your books will be available for sale on our website as an e-book. If your book is published as a paperback or hardcover, it will also be available on MiTruth website so that printed copies can be ordered by customers.

2.    MiTruth will place your book with Ingram Book Network where it will be available from over 25,000 world book retailers. Your books can be purchased directly by readers globally.

3.    Through MiTruth and these different retailers, customers will be able to download your eBooks and place orders for any quantity of books.


What can I do to increase my book sales?

As author, you are best placed to know who your target readers are. The aim of your book, the people who are most likely to purchase your books are some of the information that you require to set up a marketing plan for your book.

  • Make a marketing plan – Who are the people  who will be most interested in the books I have written?
  • Place your flyers, posters and other publicity materials at strategic locations inside and outside your community.
  • Best of all, inform everyone you know about your books including information of how and where to get them.