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Designing the Interior and Covers of your book:
Optimum Design Forms

Do I need to complete an Optimum Design Form?

The Optimum Design Form helps you to communicate with us all the important features that you require in your book. You may provide us with the ideas that you have and our designers will do their best to capture this on paper for you. If however you need any advice or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our design team who will be most happy to assist you.

Will the designer read my manuscript?

It is important that your designer gets a picture of your message or the theme of your story. This way, they can create a picture of what the message is saying. This can be made easier if you as author give bullet points of the main highlights of the story.

How do I send in any corrections I request to my designs?

You may send any corrections or changes by email to

How long does it take to design my book?

After receiving all your documentation, within 2 weeks we will send you the initial designs to check and approve or make corrections. If you have any corrections to make, we will make them within 2 weeks of receiving them back from you. You are entitled to make corrections once only. If your corrections are viewed as a completely new design, you will be charged to make such adjustments. Once you are happy with the designs, we will proceed to put finishing touches to the designs.

At the final stage, if you wish to make any corrections apart from color adjustments, you will incur extra charges depending on your corrections. Once you are happy with the final designs, you will sign a Design Completion Form and your book will go on to the production stage. On the whole, if you return your corrections promptly, your illustrations should be complete in 6 to 8 weeks. However, this depends on the intricacy of your designs. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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