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FAQ - Why should I Self-Publish

  Why should I self-publish my books?

There are many reasons to choose self-publishing. Although there are many advantages to self-publishing, one that stands out is the fact that you retain full control of your book, while taking advantage of the support that MiTruth provides to you as a publisher.

Retain full control of your work

Traditional publishing system takes the control of your work. Whereas you may have a certain story or subject that you wish to address or target a particular situation, the traditional publishing system will try to adjust your aims to suit what they want. At the end of your encounter with them, you may end up with a book that is far from what you intended and you may not realise your goals.

Stay in control of your schedule

Self-publishing your books helps you take off months and maybe even years off your publishing journey. The decision to go with a traditional publishing company means giving over the control of your publishing timetable to other people. They decide if they will accept your book for publishing, meaning that after being on the query line for a few years, you may not have achieved your publishing goals.

With, your book could be ready and in the hands of readers within four to six weeks.

The returns that you achieve - Royalties

Money earned for your hard work is one important factor to consider. A traditional publisher and other publishers could take up to 85% of the profit earned from the sale of your book. Of the 15% remaining, there might be other payments before you the author – who did all the work - actually get anything.

Self-Publishing has taken over Publishing

The publishing world is now full of ebooks and print-on-demand services, making it a possibility for books to make it when self-published. You do not have to use a traditional publisher to have your books sold on Amazon, Nook, Barnes & Noble and other popular web-sites.

 All rights to your book are yours

Simply put, traditional publishers have all rights to your book signed over to themselves. If they are no longer able to get your book sold, it goes out of print, then you have to buy the rights back from them.

When you self-publish your book with MiTruth, all rights to your books are yours and you can decide to advertise your book on any website of your choice, self-publish with other companies and you only have yourself to answer to.

Marketing – Highly Crucial

Whereas MiTruth gives you support in marketing your books, Traditional Publishers will not make half the effort that you will make to promote the sales of your book. This means that responsibility for the sales of your book lies with you, for which you have no support.

Can you do it?

Yes, Of course you can. All you need do is Start Writing Now!

If your book is for a smaller unit of the population, you may wish to self-publish as you only need a few copies directly targeted to a particular number of people, for example, your family and friends, your church, or for a particular event. This may also make your book unsuitable to present to a traditional publisher.

Can I publish a book that I intend to submit to a traditional publisher?

Certainly, you may self-publish to test the market yourself before submitting to a traditional publisher. This could help you know how successful your book will do when you apply different marketing strategies.

How can I experience success if I self-publish?

MiTruth helps make Marketing easy with some marketing strategies. Please see our Additional Services for further assistance.

What are the methods of getting my book noticed?

Blogs    Our dedicated Social Media Specialist will assist you in using the Social Media to promote your online presence with the use of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Reviews   We obtain reviews from readers on your behalf from eBook readers and by free book giveaways.

Website   Let MiTruth set up your author website, enabling you to register your author presence online and give information to readers directly.

eBook   MiTruth makes your eBook available for sales in the global market by placing them in our Bookstore, and with other online retailers.

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