Who are we?

Who is MiTruth?

MiTruth are a group of professional publishers who are themselves authors and believers in Jesus Christ who want to assist Christian authors to bring their stories, the Truth of the Word of God and the gospel to people all over the world. We aim to assist authors, especially new authors to reach their goals to publish by giving them the incentive to publish their Christian books and materials.

Is MiTruth a publisher?

MiTruth is not a publisher, but a publishing services provider. Our publishing services include first of all making your publishing journey one of delight and fulfilment. Then we provide further various services from editing your work across to making the final product available for sale on MiTruth Website and other websites that will enhance the sale of your books.

The difference between MiTruth.com and traditional publishers is that whereas traditional publishers will evaluate the sales potential of your book before accepting your book. If they agree to publish your book, they take away from you the rights to your book. MiTruth.com acknowledges the fact that you have done all the hard work to put your manuscript together and do not take the rights to your book.

Why does MiTruth offer free publishing?

MiTruth.com offers free publishing in order to encourage aspiring authors to take the step towards publishing their books. MiTruth provides support to help aspiring authors to achieve their goals, while paying royalties.

What is a publishing services provider?

MiTruth.com as a self-publishing company enables you to most professionally publish your book with a great deal of flexibility, so that you can select the services that you require and have your publishing directly tailored to your needs.

You are the publisher and MiTruth enables you through the use of our services to publish your book and make it available for sale in the global market by placing your book in ours and third party websites.

Other services that we provide include:

Editing, print-on-demand, distributing, marketing your manuscript, fulfilling orders, paying royalties and providing on-going support to authors and readers.

Is MiTruth a Vanity Publisher?

A Vanity Publisher publishes your book by ensuring that you purchase a certain minimum number of your books. This means that you are lumbered with a lot of books that you are not sure that you will sell. MiTruth.com provides lifetime service to you, making your books available for sale for as long as you wish, without making stocks of your books a burden to you.

What is Print-on Demand publishing?

As we receive orders for your books, we get the order fulfilled by printing them and sending them directly to your customers. This eliminates the need for having to keep large numbers of stock in anticipation of sales. This enables MiTruth to save costs and  ensures that your books remain in print for as long as you want them to be.

Since MiTruth pays 100% royalty, how do they make money?

MiTruth makes money by providing a variety of publishing services to authors.