Editorial Services FAQs


Will MiTruth.com do my editing for me?

MiTruth.com operates a one-stop shop for your publishing. We will be happy to edit your document once you have finished your writing. However, we will only make suggestions and the ultimate decision lies with you how you want your text organised.

How will MiTruth.com edit my manuscript?

MiTruth.com has expert editors that will read through your document and check for grammar and spelling errors as well as your use of words. We will provide you with suggestions about re-phrasing sentences for clarity and succinctness while keeping the message that you wish to pass across to readers.

Where necessary, we will provide you with further information regarding points that are not quite obvious, so that you can decide how to make your corrections.


Our editors will guide you with reference to the following areas: 

  • Correct Bible references and quotations

  • Correct quotations from other sources

  • That permission has been obtained from the appropriate sources.

  • That names are spelt correctly and consistently through the manuscript

  • That names are stated where there could be uncertainty about the person of reference.

  • Check that your personal style is consistent with conventional methods. We will give you suggestions to work with.

  • While not changing the sequence or plot of your work, editors will give you suggestions that you may like to consider.

  • The removal or rephrasing of words to eliminate repetitions and the unnecessary words that add nothing to your story.

Data Entry
Will MiTruth.com do my typing for me?
MiTruth.com accepts pre-typed word documents. If however your document is handwritten, there is no problem about that. We will get it typed for you at a charge of $2 per double-spaced standard letter page.