FAQ - Preparing Your Documents for Submission

How should I present my typed documents for publishing?
How should I present my pictures for publishing?
Can I have tables in my manuscript?
How will I send in my documents?

How should I present my typed documents for publishing?

MiTruth can do all the required formatting for you. If you wish to format your document yourself, please avoid the following:

  • Columns: MiTruth offers a professional and standard book layout. If you insert columns in your work, you risk corrupting the layout of your book's text

  • Underlined text. Where possible, replace underlined text with italicised text.

  • Footnotes. If you need to cite your work, use in-text citations or endnotes (at the end of chapters or at the end of the entire text).

  • Pictures inserted into your manuscript file.

  • Wingdings, symbolic bullets or characters unavailable within the normal character set (this includes symbols of any kind). If you want to bullet any part of your text, do so with standard bullets.

  • Traditional manuscript format (i.e., your name and the page number on every page).


If you have any questions about these requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us  

In order that submission and publishing may run smoothly, please follow these instructions:

Prepare these summaries with clear headings:

  • Author's biography to appear on the cover; 100 words maximum, giving a brief detail of author.

  • A short (100 words) summary of your book, also to appear on the back cover. 

  • A longer biography of author or a message that you wish to pass on to your readers. This is what readers will see when they click on your name within MiTruth website. Approximately 2000 words.

  • A longer detail of your book that will appear as the book's summary on MiTruth website. It may also be wholly or partly used within the Amazon website. Approximately 2000 words.

You may save these together as one file along with your manuscript if you wish, so long as they are well labelled. You may send them electronically along with your order when you submit your documents.

Other formatting guidelines can be found here.

How should I present my pictures for publishing?

You may submit hard copy / original images or digital images. Hard copy images may be up to 12" x 17", including original images on paper (original art such as watercolours, line art using ink etc.) and photographs. If you are submitting digital images, please read the following formatting requirements.
  • Save your images as TIFF or JPEG files, in CMYK colour mode.

  • To ensure quality reproduction, all graphics and/or images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and be in actual size.

  • Save all image files as separate files. Please do not embed or paste images in your manuscript.

  • Use a separate file to provide instructions on where the images will be placed in the manuscript.

  • Please make sure you use the right file name for easy reference.

Please indicate directly in your manuscript where the images should be placed (e.g. text, text text, text). Please make sure you use the right file name for easy reference.

You may also submit the following:

  • Cover Image - to be placed on the front cover of the book.

  • Cover Design - photo or illustration file for your book cover

  • Author Image - to be placed on the back cover of the book.

Can I have tables in my manuscript?

Yes, you may include tables in your work

Using Microsoft Word: If your tables are created in Microsoft Word, keep them within your manuscript.

Using Microsoft Excel: If your tables are created in Excel, do not embed them in the document, but save each of them individually. Let the name and number of the table files be consistent, such as table1, table 2, etc. Indicate in the manuscript where each table is to be placed, for example: [Insert table 1].

How can I send in my documents?

Please use our Contact Us page to submit your documents. Once we receive your submission, we will contact you via e-mail or phone. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours please e-mail us at


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