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  • MiTruth’s Book Publishing Process
  • How long does the process take?
  • Submit your manuscript


MiTruth’s Book Publishing Process has created an author-centred publishing process for you. One of our Service Representatives will work with you to translate your book into a book format, either as an e-book or as a paperback. MiTruth's Service Representatives will give you advice and support while they allow you to maintain creative control over your book. You decide what your requirements are, and we will design the book around your ideas.

When you have sent in all your materials, we will get to know your intentions for your project before we begin to work on your book. In order for us to understand your ideas, we will link you up with an interior and cover designer.

After reviewing your manuscript, we will work with you to choose the most attractive and readable design template or custom design for your work. will design your book and send you an interior galley and cover proof for your approval.

As soon as you return the proofs to us, we will make whatever amendments you wish and, if necessary, we will send you a second galley. This process will continue until you approve all the content and layout within your book and on your book cover. Once you have approved the galley and cover, we'll send you your Author Copy, which will reflect what your final published book looks like. keeps your book as an electronic file from which we fulfil orders ranging from a single copy of your book to tens of thousands of copies. As a result, your book will never go out of print, and you can make amendments to it whenever you wish to.

How long does the process take?

The whole publishing process takes an average of one to two months once we receive your complete submission. This turnaround time is affected by how long it takes you to review and return the galley proofs and the number of corrections that you make.

  • Submission

When you send in your order, will review your order and contact you within two business days from the time you sign up. When we receive your complete materials, please allow two business days for us to review them to make sure they are ready for production.

  • Initial Production

You can expect the interior layout and cover design files within ten days from the time your book enters production.

  • Author review of e-proofs and release of the book in the market

You will receive e-proofs of the interior layout and cover design for your review before we proceed with publication. If there are no amendments required, you may now make your book available for sale by signing the Release Form. As soon as we receive the signed Release Form, it will just take less than 24 hours to upload your book information to MiTruth Bookstore and the book will be available for ordering. However your book may not be available through online retailers for another 30 to 45 days. So the faster you review your electronic proofs and return the approval to us, the faster your book will be completed and will be available in the market.

  • Corrections

If you make any corrections (see more on author corrections) to the e-proofs, you will receive a second set of proofs to confirm these changes. This process takes roughly 3-5 business days per set of corrections, depending on the number of corrections that you make.

  • Author Copy stage

Once we receive the Announcement Form, will give you a printed, bound Author Copy (1 paperback copy and 1 hardback copy*) before we print any additional free copies of the book that is included in your package. With the Author Copy, you can verify the actual and final print version of your book. Printing of Author Copies generally takes two to three weeks.

  • Author Free Copies stage*

A MiTruth Consultant will contact you to confirm your receipt of the Author Copies. Our Consultant will want to know if your Author Copies are of good quality and if we should go ahead to print the other free copies. If you wish to have additional copies of the book, you can place an order at a discounted rate at this time.

We would normally make corrections of any print defects - i.e. errors at the point of printing, and MiTruth's errors, i.e. unimplemented corrections. Any other alterations or changes in the texts, format, and layout of the book at this point will incur charges.

Submit your manuscript

To ensure that the publishing process is as smooth as possible, please prepare to submit the following.

  • Your manuscript

Please save your manuscript as a single digital file in one of the common word processor file types like Microsoft Word (.doc) and Rich Text Format (.rtf) - please contact us if your manuscript is saved in another format. If your manuscript is or includes a typewritten or hard copy version, you might want to consider the use of our Data Entry Service.

  • Your images

You may submit your images to as digital files or as hard copy original images. If you are publishing a black & white book, we will convert your images to greyscale. For full-colour books, images will appear in CMYK colour mode. If you hold them in hard copy, you will need to scan and save them as a digital file. If you have any problem with this, please contact us.

  • Your book summary and author's biography

Please supply a digital file with the text for your book summary and author's biography to appear on the book's back cover and webpage.

  • Your materials on a disk

Please save all your materials on a flash drive, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, so you have backup copies.

  • Fill out and sign the Author Agreement and Order Form

Complete the requested information fields indicating your publishing, editorial add-on and marketing service choices and attach your signature to the relevant forms.